3 tips for Entrepreneurs that I would like to share

Mona Boot
Founder of Go 4 Tracion, Professional EOS Implementer and passionate about helping businesses being successful.
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The past few days I have contacted various customers to see how I can help them during this difficult period. Sometimes it was just a short call but I also had a number of intensive support sessions via Zoom. Entrepreneurs are experiencing a lot of pressure in the current circumstances. In a short time, far-reaching decisions have to be made in a situation that is unique for everyone. Here are three tips that I shared in the conversations:

  1. Make sure your finances are in order. Many companies have someone who is responsible for the administration / accounting. There is currently a need for a CFO. Someone who can give you next level financial advice. Who helps you to finance your company during this time and prepare it for when the weather improves. Did you know that you also have access to this? Without long-term obligations and on a part-time basis? My experience is very good with cfocentrum.nl

  2. Take care of yourself.
    Not only financially, but also mentally. It is often lonely at the top. Mirroring each other, sharing experiences and getting support and feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs in combination with coaching will help you become stronger in your leadership. Vistage is an organization that has been doing this for 60 years in 20 countries and has 23,000 members. Since a year also for the Dutch entrepreneur. More information can be found at www.vistage.nl

  3. Make sure your business has an operating system. With the help of a practically system you set new goals, and new responsibilities in these times with clear internal and external communication. It helps you in these times of crisis, makes you scalable and ready for the future when everything picks up again.

Great to see Entrepreneurs continue to do business and also create new opportunities during this period. If I can contribute in any way with Go 4 Traction, let me know. As an entrepreneur, I also like to take advantage of new opportunities during this period.

The most important thing is of course to stay healthy. For me personally, it helps to keep exercising. Nowadays for the TV with the lessons that my gym has put on YouTube. A great start of the day with tough lessons.Take care of yourself, your company and each other!
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