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Curious about the added value of the Entrepreneurial Operating System or how it is to do business with Professional EOS Implementer® Go 4 Traction? Here are a couple of our clients who share their story. If you want to know more or get in contact with one of our clients, just let us know. We’re happy to connect you with fellow entrepreneurs.

Fit20Walter Vendel Fit20Walter Vendel is CEO and visionary of the fit20 franchise chain. Fit20 offers a unique and innovative training method that keeps you fit by training 20 minutes per week with personal guidance. Fit20 has 150+ international locations. Currently active in 9 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

In 2015 I was inspired to use an operating system for your company. It soon became clear that a system helps you scale up and we started immediately. This has helped us to establish the core points of the organization.

Movement towards the vision.
Some time later I attended a webinar of the International Franchise Association (IFA). It emerged that a number of members had grown with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and I was advised to read the book “Traction”. What appealed to me is that EOS with a well thought-out model, a clear process and simple, concrete tools really ensures movement towards the vision of your company. Because we ‘lingered’ in the rollout and implementation in the organization so far, the practical proven approach of EOS really appealed to me and we continued with this.

Added value Go 4 Traction.
EOS was completely new to us. We thought we understood it well, but sometimes this turned out not to be the case. Professional EOS Implementer® Mona Boot from Go 4 Traction then helped us with the implementation. She translated the theory into practice with the right tools and common sense. We have experienced the added value of an external EOS Implementer. The result is that we are making faster and more effective use of the EOS system and therefore achieving our goals faster.

Ready for growth.
By implementing the 6 components of the EOS model, we experience more structure and control in our company. The Level 10 Meetings are now working well, our V / TO is tight and we are now also getting better at working with Rocks. We are ready for growth!

I am Carl Haspels, owner of a company specialized in air freight, specifically temperature controlled and Time Critical. We ship almost 2 million kg of flowers all over the world. Since 2013, we have experienced considerable growth. For me as owner it became unclear and I had the feeling that I no longer had a grip on the company.

At some point I came into contact with Mona Boot from Go 4 Traction. Very cleverly she gave me the book Traction. I was already impressed by EOS while reading the book. After further acquaintance with Mona, it was clear to me that we would work with EOS. The MT was also enthusiastic and we continued with Mona and EOS.

During the first session of 2 days we immediately put a lot of things on the road (Core values, 10 year target, accountability, right people right seat issues, etc). We had started! The system was welcomed with open arms by the MT. It immediately became much clearer how we should continue in our growth. What we had not counted on was the Covid-19 pandemic. Together with Mona, we have adjusted our goals to realistic targets in view of the pandemic. And thanks in part to EOS, we have more than achieved those objectives.

Growth. Even in 2020!
The pandemic ultimately brought a lot of good things for us. Because there was less work, we had the opportunity to prepare work instructions for all activities within Something that would otherwise have taken us 2 years. In the end, we were able to close 2020 with a nice growth of 12%, despite the fact that we were able to send almost no flowers from April to July (this is 60% of our turnover).

Working with Mona has been a very pleasant experience for me. She is very skilled and sharpens things up during our sessions so that good issues arise which are then solved as a team during the IDS’s. EOS has become very important to us. We could no longer do without, the growth of will now continue steadily. We are almost predictable and expect a growth of +45% in 2021.

The right people in the right place.
In addition to giving us grip and growth, EOS has also helped us with personnel issues. There has been a change of about 70% of all staff. All new employees are hired on the basis of our core values. All employees now really fit This has the positive result that everyone is passionately doing their very best to take to a higher level and everyone to take an extra step if necessary. This is very nice work for everyone. As owner, I can now confidently leave the company to the relevant managers.

Making the company better.
We are now hiring people who fit on the basis of EOS. At the same time, we continue to monitor people on their performance, their rocks and of course their ideas. This is good for everyone because everyone knows what their responsibilities are. But also very pleasant for me as an owner. I see that everyone wants the best for and is doing everything they can to make the company better, so that we are considered the best Freightforwarder.

Podcast The EOS LeaderHow to be an anti-leadership leader.
In July 2021 I had the pleasure to be part of the EOS Leader Podcast with Mike Paton. You can listen to the full podcast here.

Carl Haspels, founder and CEO of, believes in anti-leadership where there’s a shared understanding that everyone in the company is responsible for its success. Carl welcomes the opportunity to let go and delegate in a culture of responsibility and accountability that can exist with open communication.”

Duke University Center of Advanced Hindsight Jan Willem LindemansJan Willem Lindemans is a senior researcher and the principal of the Health team at the Center for Advanced Hindsight, Dan Ariely‘s behavioral economics center at Duke University. His research covers a wide range of health behaviors: from lifestyle, vaccination and self-care to the personal finance of health.

We are a young team at Duke University. We do academic research, but we also work a lot with partners in the private sector. That partner work, with specific deliverables, KPIs, deadlines, etc., made a better organization necessary for us. And it was one of those partners who told us about EOS and connected us with Mona Boot from Go 4 Traction.

The first thing EOS did for us was making it clear to everyone in the team where we are going and what each team member’s individual role was in that vision. And that gave everyone a sense of unity and a lot of motivation. Soon, EOS was also helpful for some of the big changes we were going through: A new leadership and a merger with another team. EOS brought necessary continuity through these changes, with its system of regular meetings, and specific objectives and tools.

Mona was also great through all those changes. Not only was she meticulous and patient in teaching us the EOS fundamentals and making sure we implemented them properly, she also went above and beyond and helped me as a leader with many management issues. We are eternally grateful to Mona and EOS for that.

In the future, we know that EOS will also help us through the unexpected changes. And we’re confident that we’re getting better and better at implementing the EOS system, because it’s a system that’s growing.

Due to the extreme growth our organization needed more structure.

Coincidentally EOS® came on our way and after a few meetings with Go 4 Traction it became clear that EOS® connected very well with our organization and can bring us to the next level. Just before we started with EOS®, we have completely equipped our management team. The simplicity of EOS® fits perfectly with our dynamic and fast business.

With EOS® we created a crystal-clear vision and more structure from the day we started. The tools helped us to involve the whole organization to execute with accountability and discipline. Everybody knows what is expected and how to solve issues for good.

Mona Boot from Go 4 Traction gave us excellent guidance during the sessions and facilitated us in the right direction.

With EOS® we can continue to grow Pro Warehouse in a healthy way.

Mark van den Broek

General Manager Pro Warehouse


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