Get a Grip Go 4 Traction

How do I operate and structure the business that I buy?

A lot of people have been asking Carl Allen, corporate dealmaker, investor and Co-founder of Dealmaker Wealth Society, this question recently. So he decided to share his review of “Get a grip” written by Gino Wickman …

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Effective business meetings | Go 4 Traction

The secret of effective business meetings

A lot of employees have a love-hate relationship with meetings. Meetings can be great solving problems and generating ideas with a team. But a lot of the meetings have endless off topic discussions, fail to …

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6 Disciplines Go 4 Traction

Six disciplines if your company has taken a hit

Many people have been asking for my opinion and advice on how to deal with this challenging business environment during podcast interviews, conversations, sessions, emails, etc. With the variety of people asking and the answers …

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Next step | Go 4 Traction

3 tips for Entrepreneurs that I would like to share

The past few days I have contacted various customers to see how I can help them during this difficult period. Sometimes it was just a short call but I also had a number of intensive …

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