How do I operate and structure the business that I buy?

Mona Boot
Founder of Go 4 Tracion, Professional EOS Implementer and passionate about helping businesses being successful.

A lot of people have been asking Carl Allen, corporate dealmaker, investor and Co-founder of Dealmaker Wealth Society, this question recently. So he decided to share his review of “Get a grip” written by Gino Wickman and Mike Paton. 

Get a grip

“Get a Grip” (part of the EOS Library) tells the story of a fictional IT company that is a complete and utter disarray with two owners of the business and all kinds of departmental heads. This story is also one of the reasons Carl really likes it because he “loves business books that tell a story”.

Carl’s six minutes video highlights the value of adopting the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Thanks for sharing your great review, Carl!  “Get a grip” is indeed a great book. I received it when I started as a Professional EOS Implementer with a personal note from Mike.  

Get a Grip Personal Note Mike

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