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Mona Boot Professional EOS Implementer in EuropeThinking about implementing EOS® in your business? I’m happy to tell you more about it!My name is Mona Boot. I’m a Professional EOS Implementer® with teaching, facilitation and coaching skills and help business owners, leaders and managers to get more of what they want from their business. I love the clear holistic setup and practical tools of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.Let’s get in touch to give you a clear picture of EOS without any obligations. It will help you to decide whether to move forward with EOS or not.

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Go 4 Traction is a Dutch based Professional EOS Implementer® helping European Entrepreneurs & CEOs take their business to the next level

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Mona Boot Founder Go 4 TractionWhether you want to know more about EOS®, talk about your business issues, implementing EOS®, just want to know how to get the right people in the right seats or something else. We’re here to help you!
Cover Traction get a grip on your business by Gino Wickman | Go 4 Traction
I’m happy to send you the book “Traction, get grip on your business” after our call.