What is EOS?

The Entrepreneurial Operating System, EOS®, combines timeless business principles with a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

This 4 Minute video with EOS® creator Gino Wickman gives a short introduction. The video was created by Microsoft to inspire Entrepreneurs how EOS can help them succeed.

EOS Entrepreneur Go 4 Traction
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The three building blocks of the Entrepreneurial Operating System

1. The EOS Model

The EOS Model™ provides a visual illustration of The Six Key Components™ of any business that must be strengthened to be a great business. The EOS Model helps to simplify the way you see your business and sets the context for becoming a great company.

2. The EOS Process

The EOS Process™ puts all the pieces together, incorporating each of the EOS® Tools in the right order to best strengthen each key component of your business. The EOS Process is our proven way of helping you apply the right tools at the right time to get you the results you want.

3. The EOS Toolbox

Giving good advice can be helpful, but giving business leaders and managers simple and proven tools provides them with everything they need to build and run a great business. The EOS Toolbox™ contains a complete set of simple tools you can use to strengthen each component of your business.

Get the result you want

Every business, big or small, has Six Key Components™. To the degree your business leaders and managers can strengthen those Six Key Components™, everything just has a way of falling into place and you will catapult your business into the top 5%.

By implementing EOS®, Go 4 Traction gives leaders & managers what they need to strengthen the Six Key Components™ and provides a comprehensive way of running your business so you can strengthen each component and produce the results you want.

A strong, healthy, profitable company that experiences real traction. It works in any entrepreneurial company and across all business models because the system is founded on time-tested methods and principles, not business management theories or “flavours of the month”.

"The simplicity of EOS fits perfectly with our dynamic and fast business."
Mark van den Broek
General Manager Pro Warehouse